Update on our Project ”NKH for CKI – Foto for Kongo”

Amazingly, we have collected over 56.000 kroner (so far) for Congo Kids Initiative since launching the project! Last week we worked on our individual photo shoots and two of our students arranged a photo session for babies and children in our studio at NKH. We had 14 children show up on this day making it a huge success! Photographers, parents and children were happy with the photo shoots and excited to show their support of our project in this way! We are very grateful to all who showed up this Saturday to get their pictures taken!

We’ve also been working on planning the exhibition next week. The arrangement will be promoted on social media and displayed on posters in our local area. We hope to see as many of you as possible! The purpose of our exhibition is to sell printed images, taken by the students, that will hopefully end up on the walls of living rooms in and around Oslo. Marcus Bleasdale will also be conducting a speech about Congo and the project we are undertaking. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will help increase the financial support to the orphanage.

Public response continues to increase and we even have an upcoming interview on the project at www.fotografi.no (http://www.fotografi.no/arkiv/foto-kongo). It has been fantastic to see how many people have shown their support of the project through social media. Just look at all these selfies that people have tagged with #fotoforkongo!