Education Is Key: September 2016

The back-to-school campaign launched in August has been an extreme success! Everyone at CKI and at the St. Kizito school are extremely grateful for all of those able to contribute to the campaign. The funds raised will being going towards the daily needs of the St. Kizito school to help kids get ready to learn with strong bodies and school supplies! Every dollar helps the orphanage, clinic, and school function properly and allows the children to maintain their lives in Bunia. We thank those who have chipped in and welcome those who want to join in with a donation of $1 or more by clicking here!


This month at CKI we would like to focus on understanding conflict within the Congo that led to the need for CKI. War in the Democratic Republic of Congo has a long history with roots in colonial exploitation and competition for resources by neighboring countries. Multiple elements contribute to its complexity and can make the current situation hard to comprehend without further learning. We believe that by understanding this vast, beautiful, and resource-filled country and its rich culture the CKI family can better assist in the creation of sustainable futures for its children. We also feel that lessons learned from Congolese who are building peace and stability in their country offer us tools that can used around the world.

To assist in this effort to educate, CKI has created a lesson plan, presentation, and literature guide. We are looking for schools or organizations that wish to learn more about the Congo and CKI. If you or anyone you know would like to arrange a presentation or take advantage of the resources we have created, please contact us at: