News from Norway: NKH for CKI - Foto for Kongo

Last year we embarked on our first international collaboration in which students at the Norwegian School of Creative Arts (NKH) in Oslo and photographer Marcus Bleasdale created the photography project, NKH for CKI – Foto for Kongo. The project idea was to take the powerful medium of photography and use it as a platform to support CKI.

NKH students in the process of installing the January 29th exhibition. 

This year a new class of students has continued the project at the NKH campus in Bergen. Considering the size of the project and because the class is composed of only 8 students, it was a major learning curve for everyone involved. Sunniva, one of the participating students and head of the communications team, said that by sharing the work with each other and understanding the vitality of teamwork they were able to succeed and achieve their goal of supporting CKI and the children.

Since the inception of the project in Bergen, students have organized workshops, drop-in portrait sessions, and company partnerships. In their most successful company partnership they were able to make a deal with a local gym; the gym donated all of their proceeds (from an entire day!) to Congo in exchange for photos of their gym members in action.

In addition, the students organized and installed an art exhibition that took place on January 29th. The exhibition featured 48 photos and drawings, all of which were for sale and had been donated by students of the photography and illustration classes at NKH, teachers, and local artists. All in all the students were able to raise a total of 16.000 kr (1,895 USD) for CKI through the exhibition!

We’re excited to watch NKH for CKI continue to grow and we look forward to seeing how the funds raised by the project will support children in Congo. For more news on what’s currently happening with the project and to see where it’s headed next, make sure to follow NKH for CKI on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In peace,

The Congo Kids Initiative Team