Finding Forever Homes!

As many of you know, the job of St. Kizito is to provide a home for children without one, but always with the goal of reunifying orphans with their families or finding a new permanent home. Globally, it’s understood that the best case for each child is to live with family, if that can be done securely. If not, with a community where they identify. Sometimes conflict, natural disaster, and medical crises can make that impossible - which is where we (and you!) step in.

What that means for us, is that every day the nuns and staff are working to care for children, they are also working to find that right family setting, if it’s possible. Recently, we celebrated the fact that three of our children have moved on to their own homes. Here are their stories:

Asimwe, four years old, has now been able to return home to his grandmother’s house.

Bahati, himself the son of an orphan, has joined a family in Bunia.

Honorine, 14 years old, whose mother died in childbirth, came to the orphanage when she was a baby suffering from acute malnutrition and is now living with her grandmother.

While there are always challenges, we celebrate these days and know that they only happen because of the hard work of the Congo Kids Initiative community!