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With over half of our children under the age of three, the demand for milk and formula is staggering. Currently, we spend $950 a month just to provide this basic nourishment each day. That’s on top of what’s needed to operate the nursery, clinic, and school. We launched our milk drive to address this need and we're grateful for all you've done to help. Now - we're hoping we can close the gap with a final effort to ensure that we have a milk bank for the kids who are still in need.


This giving season visit WORKSHOP/CoOp to purchase a travel pouch. The proceeds of each bag will be donated to CKI and you’ll be stylishly organized!

Congo Kids Initiative (CKI) supports children impacted by the decades-long war being fought in Eastern Congo. Working with local implementing partners, CKI provides financial and communications support for programs designed to allow children to enter adulthood with resources and tools.